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positive review Booked a 10 hour intensive course through donna at last minute. The process was easy and really stress free. On the way to my driving course our family car broke down and Cindy from bds drove an hour a way to meet me and pick me up..... when I rang donna to explain the situation and explain I couldnt get there... she didnt hesitate and was more worried about me losing my money. Cindy is a fabulous instructor and is lots of fun but very patient. I didnt pass my test, as I made a silly mistake. I will 100% be back to do my test with B.D.S

Amy May Bood Avatar
Amy May Bood

positive review After years of on and off driving lessons with various driving schools, I found Paul Tilling to be the most patient & helpful instructor. Always made me feel at ease throughout lessons and got me to my first time pass! I would highly recommend BDS.

Emma Lloyd Avatar
Emma Lloyd

positive review I cant reccomend Paul Tilling from Blackpool driving school enough, I had debated doing my driving lessons for years as I was terrified and never thought I would drive but after my husband passing first time a few years ago with Paul he told me to just give it a go so I did, Paul made me feel so comfortable and at ease and was an amazing instructor! so I went from never thinking I would drive to also passing first time! A massive thankyou to Paul for all your help and support, I have reccomend you non stop to everyone thinking about doing their driving lessons.

Linda Westywater Avatar
Linda Westywater

positive review 100% reccomend bds blackpool driving school and my instructor liz McKenzie shes such a lovely person and i felt really comfortable with her I wouldn't of been able to pass without her was just like driving with a friend. thank you so much for everything 😊

I'm over the moon I passed 1st time πŸš—πŸ˜

Bayley Sutton Avatar
Bayley Sutton

positive review FIVE STAR RATING 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
If you are looking to pass your theory AND driving test within a VERY short space of time then look no further as B.D.S helped me pass within just 6 days!!! that's fantastic considering I'd never drove before!!
I want to thank DONNA for waiting up late to GET me the last possible slot to take my test and and I would also like to give a massive thanks to SIMON my instructor (even tho he's a Liverpool fan and I'm a Man United fan) LOL that didn't get in the way of him going above and beyond to make sure I pass my test.
I would highly recommend B.D.S as the best Driving school around!!



AJ Forsythe Avatar
AJ Forsythe

positive review Had 3/4 driving lessons with liz and I had already had private lessons but liz helped me cut out the couple of bad habits and I was able to pass this morning so grateful that bds was able squeeze me in such sort notice

Michael Carten Avatar
Michael Carten

positive review Absolutely amazing..... After having trouble with another company....
Bds managed to fit me in last minute
My instructor was Mike he was very patient very supportive very clear with instructions..... Its amazing how much I learnt from him in such a short space of time.... Its a shame I didn't have my full journey with him...
And today I passed my test first time...
I couldn't have done it without Mike.... Thank you so much xx

Kirsty Deakin Avatar
Kirsty Deakin

positive review πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ I can’t recommend these enough, the tears the tantrums the panic attacks! The wanting to give up and Simon kept me strong kept me going. 20 hour intense corse with an additional 3 hours and I passed on my 2nd attempt
100% recommend! The theory free app is amazing passed straight away with 50/50. The emotion support and the way I’ve been taught to drive is fantastic I honestly owe so much to Simon. Thankyou again for helping me on my way to freedom for me and my daughter 5* service and team I wish I’d done this years ago πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸš—πŸš—πŸš—

Suzy Cook Avatar
Suzy Cook

positive review After having a few lessons , spoke to BDS and they said my driving instructor would be Graham. Graham is fantastic from the moment I got in the car he was calm and supportive but also made me in to a far better driving. Without Graham’s support and help it would of taking me a lot longer to pass, so Thankyou Graham. BDS are a supportive team and can’t thank them enough for their help.

Alex 'teddy' Lambe Avatar
Alex 'teddy' Lambe

positive review Would just like to thank my amazing driving instructor Norrie, so easy to get along with made me feel at ease every lesson and pushed me to do better every lesson, would highly recommend her to anyone wanting lessons.

Ellie Harrison Avatar
Ellie Harrison

positive review I did the intense course just before Xmas with Simon and passed first time!! Would definitely recommend this course and Simon to anyone who is putting it off or feels nervous about driving!! Was the best thing I have done, for me and my two girls!!

Melissa Edwards Avatar
Melissa Edwards

positive review Brilliant driving school 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Intense lessons are the best
Passed in 19 hours over 5 days with the best instructor Simon. Being 38 isn’t too late.. get it done. Pay a deposit and the rest before you start. Thanks BDS Thanks Simon πŸ‘ŒπŸš—

Katrina Holden Avatar
Katrina Holden

positive review An absolutely brilliant 2 hour refresher course was all I needed to brave the British roads after having only experienced European roads and traffic. Fantastic guidance by the helpful Cindy who had me go over the infamous Bispham roundabout several times during the course. A true recommendation for beginners and those in need of a refresher course alike!

Pep van Lit Avatar
Pep van Lit

positive review i would highly reccommed using B.D.S
driving school. they are a very welcoming and friendly team and allowed me to work at my own pase. would like to say a big thank you to mike for all your patience and guidance. will be intouch soon as its now the wife's turn.

David Tiny Hodgkinson Avatar
David Tiny Hodgkinson

positive review Would 100% recommend BDS for anyone wanting to learn to drive. Had Liz as my instructor and can honestly say I don’t think I would’ve passed without her. Massive thank you to all of the members at BDS especially Donna for arranging the course and test which fit around me.

Jake Lundy Avatar
Jake Lundy

positive review Fantastic reliable service, great contact throughout with Sharon and other team members both online and via the phone. Easy and secure pay method. As for Simon, great sense of humour and very patient, as I didn't pass first time - nerves - sigh. Cannot recommend enough, fit around my work schedule. I took the intensive course as a major refresher first then Simon organised the rest for me afterwards. Thank You so much, will highly recommend B.D.S to everyone!

Kerry Steeden Avatar
Kerry Steeden

positive review Would highly recommend BDS, I done a 25hour course in 5 days and liz my instructor was really good, I did start with another driving school but after so many lessons I wasn’t getting anywhere, so it’s definitely worth it thank you Liz and everyone at BDS

Jack Chilton Avatar
Jack Chilton

positive review Had Simon for my intensive course. 1st class, had me passed 1st time. Would highly recommend to anyone who is wanting to pass as quick as I did! Can’t thank him enough. Great, reliable service. 5*

Jack Hayton Avatar
Jack Hayton

positive review Thank you so much to bds and Simon for not only teaching me to drive but also for never doubting me, my nerves were shot to bits this morning before I took my test and Simon was brilliant at calming me down and giving the courage to believe I would be ok, its going to make my life so much easier for myself and my kids especially as my partner is away 90% of the time, so essentially I'm doing it on my own and driving will make every day life alot easier, thank you so much I honestly couldn't be happier x

Stacey Riordan-carley Avatar
Stacey Riordan-carley

negative review Unfortunately l was gullable enough to believe the reviews regarding this company & should have googled.... DRIVING SCHOOL SCAMS AND HOW TO AVOID THEM first before contemplating parting with my money.

Rishi Maa Avatar
Rishi Maa

positive review I would like to say a huge thank you to Liz, she has been absolutely brilliant with me, I would definitely 100% recommend BDS to anybody, Thank you again Liz see you around πŸš˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Charlotte Fletcher Avatar
Charlotte Fletcher

positive review good lessons and good instructors

David Gauld Avatar
David Gauld

positive review amazing!!! simon is fantastic can not thank him enough. very relaxed instructor. passed first time!! thank you so much

Becki Louise Austin Avatar
Becki Louise Austin

positive review Well what a fantastic driving school, I had norrie and she was an amazing instructor. If your looking to learn and pass in an auto then this is the lady you want to have teaching you. Awesome 😁😁

Joanne Elliston-owens Avatar
Joanne Elliston-owens

positive review I had Liz as a driving instructor and found that she is really good with everything, made me feel comfortable from the second I got into her car and thought me some new skills for driving and good tips. I managed to pass my driving test on my first attempt thanks to Liz and I appreciate everything she has done for me, I wish liz all the best in the future and hope to see her again sometime.

Edward Mccarthy Avatar
Edward Mccarthy

positive review Excellent driving school, tony was fab and helped my son to pass his driving 1st time, thankyou

Kim Robinson Avatar
Kim Robinson

positive review I highly recommend this driving school.. Liam Cleary was my driving instructor and he is brilliant I had little faith in myself to passed my driving test and he made me feel comfortable.. with only 14 lessons I passed my test first time!! Thankyou 😊

Daza-Davidson Luton Avatar
Daza-Davidson Luton

positive review Fantastic driving school, I would 100 % recommend B.D.S. Simon has helped Daniel to gain confidence and he has passed his test today. He has spoken very highly of him throughout and his tuition is 10/10

Wendy M Taylor Avatar
Wendy M Taylor

positive review I cannot reccomend my driving instructor Emma Bird enough to get you through your driving till your test. BDS have been brilliant from your first call asking about information and getting the right person to teach you. Thank you to Tony whom I started my lessons with and saw what a nerve wreck I was and Donna for arranging Emma to be my driving instructor till I passed. Emma was good for me she is very patient, calm, polite and always going out of her way to help me, stuck with me for many years and kept pushing me when I sometimes wanted to give up and that's why i stick with her this many years. Very grateful to Emma now I get to drive myself to work and taking my children to school and places when my husband is away. Overall I would happily recommend BDS to anyone as they are brilliant from start till the end.

Timaima Naiduki Tamaiqelo Avatar
Timaima Naiduki Tamaiqelo

positive review Great patient teacher-Emma Bird covering St Anne’s

Clare Lloyd-Walden Avatar
Clare Lloyd-Walden

positive review I would like to thank Donna and Graeme who have gone above and beyond to help me pass my test today they kept pushing me and I’m forever grateful and would say this is the best driving school in Blackpool thank you both so much I’m truly grateful πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Andy Jones Avatar
Andy Jones

positive review Passed my test today and all thanks to BDS, 10 hour driving course I did with them ! highly recommend liz my driving instructor was amazing gave me all the support I needed ! So happy thankyou BDS πŸ˜ƒπŸš—

Danielle Kim Hughes Avatar
Danielle Kim Hughes

positive review It’s the best so far and they are amazing!! Graham is the best instructor ever!! He is very calm and makes you feel completely comfortable. I enjoyed my time with BDS and it makes me want to do more lessons even though I’ve passed πŸ˜‚ that’s how amazing they are! Big THANKS to Graham and also BDS😊❀️ I recommend everyone to go there and pass quickly simply because they are the ones that will make that happen 😊

Abdou Aziz Ngum Avatar
Abdou Aziz Ngum

positive review I had Stephen wild as my instructor. A very nice, polite and helpful man. He would always arrive dead on time for lessons and made sure lessons were useful enough for me in areas I struggled with. The most helpful thing for me is that Stephen was always very honest. I preferred him telling me my weakest areas more than my strongest areas as I was always wanting to improve my driving. Overall, I would happily recommend BDS to anyone as the process of starting lessons is very easy and informative and the prices are very competitive.

Luke Rawstron Avatar
Luke Rawstron

positive review Brilliant Driving school! Me, my brother and my mum have all successfully passed with B.D.S! My instructor Paul Tilling was so patient and encouraging! Highly Recommended πŸ™‚

Jaimee Brown Avatar
Jaimee Brown

positive review Thank you so much to Stephen Wild for helping me pass my driving test, couldn’t of done it without you. I would definitely recommend Blackpool Driving School and Stephen as he will go above and beyond for his pupils. So thank you so much BDS and Stephen.

Mandy Bryan Avatar
Mandy Bryan

positive review Passed first time after a one week 20 hour intensive course. I cannot recommend BDS enough, Liz was amazing and a pleasure to drive around with.

Thank you! (Daisy!)

Robert Bagshaw Avatar
Robert Bagshaw

positive review After working in IT for 12 years, I trained to become a driving instructor. I’ve been with BDS since I qualified over 12 years ago. I can honestly say I’ve never had an empty diary. The team has grown from 4 when I joined to a dozen, and we are all still as busy as we want to be. Since Tony the lead instructor announced his retirement, I’ve taken on the training role for potential driving instructors, so now BDS not only offer outstanding training for learners but also for potential driving instructors (PDI) and standards check training for existing ADI approved driving instructors.

Paul Till Avatar
Paul Till

positive review I would just like to say Liz is such a good instructor i was so nervous about my test and everything and she was so good with me and i passed first time thanks to her!! πŸ’—

Anna Mcvicar Avatar
Anna Mcvicar

positive review Would highly recommend liz from BDS, as a very nervous learner, she put me at ease, made me feel comfortable and was constitutive but not harsh when I made mistakes.

Paul Harrison Avatar
Paul Harrison

positive review Massive thanks to Simon for helping my son pass his driving test-first time!! My son was so nervous but Simon was so patient with him. Can’t thank him enough!

Kirsty Scammell Avatar
Kirsty Scammell

positive review I would definitely recommend using B.D.S Driving school and a big thankyou to simon, passed first time 😊

Danielle Kershaw Avatar
Danielle Kershaw

positive review Did my lessons for a year with liam Cleary-Sturman. Couldn't have asked for a better instructor!

Jessica Hind Avatar
Jessica Hind

positive review Thank you so much for helping me pass my test. Simon is a legend. Highly recommend.

Damian Clayson Avatar
Damian Clayson

So happy I passed my test before Christmas and feel confident about driving on my own thanks to Paul!!

Kirsty Marie Avatar
Kirsty Marie

positive review I would like to thank Paul from BDS for your patience with my son Ben Newman........yeyyy he passed, I can hang up my taxi hat πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Huge thank you, best instructor ever 😁😁😁

Shreen Young Avatar
Shreen Young

positive review I passed with Simon, top bloke!

Shaun Deery Avatar
Shaun Deery

positive review Thanks to Donna for all arrangements
and my instructor Simon who had great patience with me!
first class service πŸ‘πŸ‘

Lee Wilson Avatar
Lee Wilson

positive review From what I experienced, very professional people who are so understanding and helpful. They made my experience less stressful to cope with, seeing as I had no clue of what to do at the beginning.

What a team! Would certainly recommend to everyone!

Justin Whitworth Avatar
Justin Whitworth

positive review Brilliant driving school, and a great friendly instructor Paul Tiling. Passed my test on my first time, would definitely recommend!!! x

Chelsea Burgess Avatar
Chelsea Burgess